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Vape Juice, E-Juice, And E-Liquid boxes

E-Juice containers and dispensers have made a significant impact on the market, and you have the opportunity to participate in this trend by acquiring personalized E-Liquid boxes for your brand. Embrace the flexibility of endless design possibilities and top-tier printing outcomes. At Banzai Madness, we specialize in delivering flawlessly crafted E-Liquid packaging boxes.

Our extensive library caters to the most popular E-Liquid droppers and squeeze bottles. Simply select from our wide range of over 3000 dies to kickstart your project. Should you desire completely bespoke packaging, the process is equally straightforward.

We produce E Liquid Boxes from the ground up, enabling us to provide competitive prices and limitless customization choices.

Opt for a box size from our diverse library, and reach out to us for a prompt quotation.

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Quality Product & Service

Quality Product & Service

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

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Environmentally friendly

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Fast Turnaround Times

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Real-time Access

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our most popular E-Liquid, Vape Juice And E-Juice Boxes

Dimensions are represented in the L x W x D format and are in inches.

Reverse Tuck

1.69" x 1.69" x 5.75"

Bottle Volume: 135ml Squeeze Bottle


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Straight Tuck

1.38" x 1.38" x 4.25"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Squeeze Bottle


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Straight Tuck

2.03" x 2.03" x 5.55"

Bottle Volume: 70ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.63" x 1.63" x 4.63"

Bottle Volume: 60ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.50" x 1.50" x 4.50"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Dropper


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Straight Tuck

1.31" x 1.31" x 4.13"

Bottle Volume: 30ml Dropper


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Bottle Volume: Custom


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Get Your Custom E Liquid Boxes

E-Liquid boxes Just Like You Want Them

Crafting an ideal E Liquid box hinges on integrating your design with the core elements of your brand. The ability to select from a range of box types and embellishments simplifies the entire process.

Highlight your logo, product details, and copy through our diverse printing techniques, allowing them to truly stand out.

Take inspiration from our past projects, or bring to life the Eliquid boxes you've already envisioned!

Explore samples of Liquid Packaging in our portfolio for a glimpse of our work.

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The Essential Eliquid Boxes Guide

While there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to packaging E-Liquids, certain elements greatly enhance your chances of standing out on the shelf. Consider the following essentials:

1. Opt for a durable E Liquid packaging box

E-Liquid products demand special protection. A subpar box can be disheartening, diminishing the excitement of the unboxing experience and tarnishing the product's image. The right Eliquid boxes ensure the bottles remain secure during transportation and handling. A quality E Liquid packaging box instills confidence and exudes a premium feel.

2. Showcase the flavor prominently

E-Liquids distinguish themselves through their flavors, making it a pivotal aspect. Many manufacturers design their E-Liquid boxes around these flavors. Incorporate images, patterns, or colors on the packaging that evoke the different flavors. These elements can be embossed, debossed, or feature a glossy coating.

3. Maximize the use of available space

Your E Liquid boxes might be the sole opportunity to engage with your customers. Utilize every inch of space to make a compelling case. Our inside-out printing solutions enable you to print on all sides of the Eliquid box, allowing for the inclusion of additional information and the highlighting of your brand's advantages.

Many of our clients choose these options for their e liquid boxes: 
10ml bottle boxes ·  30ml bottle boxes ·  60ml bottle boxes ·  100ml bottle boxes

You can also request boxes in any custom size.

Exploring the Diversity of E Liquid Boxes

As highlighted earlier, the array of E-Liquid boxes available is extensive. To make the best selection, envision your customer unboxing the product. Here are some of the most sought-after types of Eliquid boxes:

  • Straight Tuck & Reverse Tuck Eliquid boxes
  • Boxes featuring cut-outs that showcase the bottles
  • Boxes incorporating sleeves on top for flavors or limited editions

Enhancing the unboxing experience, coatings contribute an extra layer of personality to the ELiquid packaging box, influencing its visual and tactile appeal. YourBoxSolution provides options such as:

  • Glossy: Shiny and reflective, ideal for a luxurious appearance
  • Matte: Non-reflective with a pleasing texture, perfect for a sophisticated look
  • Soft-touch: Matte and pleasantly tactile, making a significant impact

Optimal Paperboard Selection for Your E-Liquid Boxes

The aesthetic appeal of your E-Liquid boxes is greatly influenced by the choice of paperboard. Our premium paperboard is versatile, allowing for printing and cutting in various colors, sizes, and shapes. We present three types of paperboard options for your E-Liquid boxes:

  • White SBS – Crafted from the highest quality wood pulp, this paperboard boasts virgin fibers bleached to a pristine white. The white paperboard is available in thicknesses of 17.2pt or 19pt.
  • Brown Kraft Paperboard - Exhibiting a natural brown color, this eco-friendly paperboard solution is ideal for packaging. The kraft paperboard is offered in an 18pt thickness.
  • Metallized Paperboard – Featuring a metallic film, this paperboard imparts a luxurious appearance to the E Liquid box. The metallized paperboard is available in a thickness of 19.2pt.

Comprehensive Branding With E Liquid Boxes And Labels - Embracing Every Angle

Your packaging is the linchpin on the shelf, crucial for capturing customer attention and enticing product selection. Elevate your chances of making a sale by pairing your E Liquid packaging box with a complementary label.

Our professionally designed e liquid labels not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also serve as a platform for additional customer information. Many brands leverage labels to add complexity to their products while ensuring compliance with FDA requirements.

At Banzai Madness, effortlessly acquire both E Liquid boxes and labels simultaneously. Choose from a diverse array of coatings, embellishments, and shapes for the labels. Enjoy competitive prices and swift turnaround times for a complete and well-rounded branding experience.

A Premium Solution For Your Business

Banzai Madness is a comprehensive printing facility based in the US. We handle the entire process in-house – from manufacturing and printing to cutting and folding the boxes – eliminating the need for outsourcing. This ensures that your Eliquid boxes are crafted in a single location, resulting in reduced costs and faster timelines. With complete control over the production process, we guarantee the delivery of flawless boxes of the highest quality.

We take pride in serving satisfied clients who highly recommend us. Our portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed local brands, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Your E Liquid packaging box will be meticulously crafted by a team of professionals boasting years of experience. Enjoy personalized service with a dedicated expert for contact and consultation. Once your project kicks off, you can easily monitor every aspect through our user-friendly admin panel on the website.

Connect with us today and kickstart your project with Banzai Madness!

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